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Trieris Villa & Suites is one of 10 most amazing hotels in Santorini . If you look for travel inspirations, stunning places to update your “bucket list” or just interested to make stories to remember – you’ve come to the right place to add new experience in your life! 
If you wondering where to stay in Santorini ? How to choose the best place to stay? Please find tips of “Follow the View” team in the following paragraphs that will enlighten you and give you answers too those questions. But if you would like to go through list of 10 amazing hotels in Santorini visit .


What are the criteria? Accommodation must offer a spectacular view of the caldera (after all, this is why you are visiting Santorini, isn’t it?), luxurious design (we love minimalist white interiors), rooms with private infinity pool/jacuzzi and highest service quality. Luxury means something else to everyone, so we tried to show places from different price ranges. Remember, because of its picturesque location even very mediocre hotel will add the “premium” anyway… That’s why prices are high.


Have you seen hundreds of photos from Santorini on Instagram? Those with infinity pools & Jacuzzi , overlooking the caldera and the deep blue Aegean Sea? You can enjoy such views only in hotels located on the west coast of the island, located mostly in 4 towns: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia.

Which one is the best place to stay in Santorini?

Fira is the island’s main city, full of lively streets, bars and shops. There is also a cable car to the harbor at the bottom of the cliff. There you can go on a cruise to the Nea Kameni volcano, to the island on the opposite side of the caldera – Thirassa, as well as on sunset cruises towards Oia. Firostefani and Imerovigli are small towns, which is somehow an extension of Fira. The walk from Fira to Firostfani takes about 15 minutes, to Imerovigli about 30 minutes (hard to even tell where each town ends and where begins). Both towns are a bit calmer than Fira.
In Oia you can admire the most beautiful sunset in the world (according to National Geographic or TripAdvisor). As long as you stay at the hotel it’s fine, but if you want to go somewhere during the day, you may come across crowds. This is the most popular spot in Santorini and many people go there to admire the famous sunset.
Another option, which offers a great view of the caldera, is less popular Akrotiri, located on the southern side of the island. However, the whole area is rather “empty”, so you have to rent a car.

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